Wire Winder

This hydraulic Wire Winder was designed to rewind wire from orchard and vineyard trellis systems where it is no longer needed.

It is designed to wind the wire into standard (4000 FT) coils so it can be reused in new plantings.

This versatile unit can also be used as an Un-Winder by opening a valve allowing it to free wheel.

An optional spool is available to rewind trickle irrigation hose or trickle tape.

•    Easily mounts on forklift or 3 pt. forks, with 4-way entry fork tubes so wire can be wound
from any direction

•    Hydraulic valve for easy operator control of speed, start and stop of winder
•    Lever controlled wire guide to control the even winding of each coil
•    Slots in front and back plates to allow easy tying of coil before it is removed from winder
•    Wing nut for fast and easy removal of outer plate to remove coil from winder
•    Hydraulic valve and motor runs off remote outlets of tractor or forklift hydraulic system


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