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This heavy duty brush pusher is designed to float. Its tines are mounted under the frame and work like skis to follow the contour of your orchard floor. The easily replaceable tines are flattened on the ends and mounted close together to pick up smaller brush. The heavy duty backstop is tapered towards the top to minimize tree damage. Added brush guards on the top and sides prevent brush from sliding around or over the pusher.


•    Heavy Duty, 7 foot long replaceable tines.
•    HI-LO and 3-point mounts are standard. Bobcat mounts available.
•    Floats to follow contour of ground.
•    Brush guards top and side.
•    7 foot wide at the ground and tapered at top to avoid tree damage.
•    Backstop stands 4 foot tall.

Brush Pusher 1

We also offer a hydraulic grapple to hold the brush while traveling.


Brush Pusher 2


Brush Pusher 3


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