"N" Model Box Shuttle

Box Shuttle 3

Box Shuttle shown with optional wider steps for picking directly into bins on trailer


"For use in today's high density orchards"

The greatest labor saving device since bulk bins, unique patented design with years of proven savings!


Self Loading - Self Unloading


The narrow model Box Shuttle was designed especially for the narrow, high density orchards of today. Its narrow overall width of less than sixty (60) inches will accommodate most bins and its specially designed hydraulic tilt hitch allows a much sharper turning radius for easy access to even the narrowest rows. The optional automatic "Tail Hook" prevents bins from sliding off the back end while traveling on hilly terrain.


The narrow Model Box Shuttle with a high flotation tandem axle for a gentle ride is faster and more maneuverable in the high density orchards with far less damage to fruit or trees. With these many new features it has become a necessary tool for efficient bin placement and fruit removal in today's orchards.


> Less than 60 inches wide for narrow tree row spacings.

> Takes the place of several orchard lifts.

> Hydraulic driven roller chain for long smooth operation.

> Uses existing tractor hydraulic system.

> Adjustable hitch for different drawbar heights.



> Tractor mounted valve.

> Side rails to prevent bins from shifting.

> Removable Side Steps (two sizes available) allow easy access to bins for picking etc.

> Automatic Hydraulic Box Stop to prevent bins from sliding off on hilly terrain. (See Video Below)

> Also see our optional Work Platform that attaches in minutes to this Box Shuttle.

Box Shuttle shown with optional Side Rails.

Video of Box Shuttle unloading full bins of Gala Apples.

Video of Box Shuttle loading empty bins.

Video of Box Shuttle with optional Hydraulic Box Stop.

Two Box Shuttles working together to clear an apple orchard.

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