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130 degree or 180 degree Box Rotators available with or without optional clamping system. Now with two models available you can get the best "BOX ROTATOR" for your application at the lowest possible cost. With a 130 or 180 degree rotator you can dump fruit, vegetables, fertilizer and many other products directly into a truck, spreader or hopper with your existing forklift, saving valuable time and extra labor.

Dbl Clamp

Optional Double-Arm Clamping System Shown

Using sequence valves, this "Double-Arm" clamp automatically lowers and adjusts to the bin height and clamps the bin when the rotator is used. The clamp will allow you to rotate the bin completely upside down without dropping the bin off the forks. When the empty bin is returned to the upright position, the sequence valve will allow the clamp to raise to the vertical position, releasing the bin.


Single Clamp

Optional Single-Arm Clamping System Shown

The "Single-Arm" clamp is activated using a sequence valve just like the "Double-Arm" clamp, however, this design allows the product to flow out of the bin unobstructed. Another advantage of the Single-Arm clamp is that the hydraulic cylinder is not located over the top of the product. This will prevent any accidental product contamination if hydraulic leakage should occur.


Single Clamp Open


When released, the clamp arm stands straight up, allowing bins to be exchanged or the lifting of more than one bin.

Although the Single-Arm clamp has a few advantages compared to the Double-Arm clamp, the height of the arm has to be considered when going through doorways etc.



•    Hydraulic cylinder for fast smooth operation
•    Can be adapted to most standard and rough terrain forklifts
•    Forks always return to level position
•    Visibility and lift capacity better than with other rotators
•    180 degree model can be changed in field for right or left rotation
•    Adjustable restrictor to control rotation speed

Rotator can be installed or removed in minutes by one person



•    Hydraulic selector valve with hoses and fittings will allow the use of a single lever for rotation and side shift
•    Single-Arm Clamping System
•    Double-Arm Clamping System


Optional Clamping System Features

Using sequence valves, the clamp automatically lowers and adjusts to the bin height and clamps the bin when the rotator is used.

The Single Clamp Design allows the fruit to be dumped without interference from the clamp arm. With this design the valve and cylinder are mounted behind the bin to avoid any possible contamination if hydraulic leakage should occur. The clamp stands straight up when not in use, allowing lifting of more than one bin.


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