Post Pounder


This post driver setup has been designed especially for driving tall posts in orchards or vineyards where narrow row spacing and uneven terrain are a problem.

The post driver can be carried by 3-point forks or a front lift. This allows it to be hooked up and unhooked in minutes. An adjustable bottom support gives the unit stability, allowing the operator to drive posts with the frame sitting on the ground. This frame also supports the unit when it is unhooked from the tractor.


A four lever control valve allows the operator to adust the tilt in both directions as well as 3 foot of travel side to side of the tractor. This allows the tractor driver to travel straight down the row, with less maneuvering resulting in faster post installation saving both time and money.



•    Impact: 30,000 lbs.
•    Max post width: 7".
•    Adjustable for different post heights.
•    Hydraulic base plate for tilt and offset.
•    Tilt and offset: 15 degrees
•    Flow requirement: 3-4 GPM.
•    3 FT of hydraulic side travel adjustment.
•    Adjustable support foot.
•    Head Weight: 445 lbs.


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