Pick 1

12" Wide galvanized side steps for easy access to the platform and bins

In 2012 Michigan had a frost episode that resulted in a total crop loss for much of the state. The very few apples that did not freeze were in the very tops of the trees. We developed a method for the pickers to be able to pick from the elevated platforms and then hand their full buckets down to another bin tender standing on the steps of the box shuttle to empty into the bins. This is not an efficient way to harvest apples during a “normal” season, however it allowed the grower to claim the little fruit they had left that year. We raised the platform up on blocks to allow the Box Shuttle chains to load and unload three bins at a time. This is an example of what is possible with our equipment. Our Vacuum Apple Harvester is a true harvest machine that takes the fruit from the pickers hand and deposits it in a bin without bruising. Here is a link on our website. http://philbrownwelding.com/index.php/new-products


Pick 3

Able to carry 3 bins at a time for picking

The work platform has two hydraulically controlled stations that can be operated independently of one another. The Box Shuttle Chains are allowed to run underneath the platform so bins can be exchanged. The 12 inch wide removable steps allow easy access to the bins and are galvanized for corrosion resistance.


Pick 8

Narrow enough for today's high density plantings



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