Dbl Boom 2

Clean Sweep Weed Spray Boom (Double Boom Setup, Each Boom Sold Separately)

This front or mid-mounted herbicide boom is the ideal way to spray in orchards with standing weeds or low tree branches. With the Clean Sweep Spray Boom, the weeds are laid down and sprayed completely from the roots up, while the spray shield lifts and protects any low hanging limbs. This makes it possible to spray anytime without wind interference.


DBL Boom 3


The Clean Sweep Spray Boom has a rubber whip on the outer end to lay the grass down around and between trees. This unique design has two breakaways, one near the outer tip (shown only in the bottom picture) which will break back in the event of heavy tree contact. The second breakaway is at the point of mounting, which allows the entire boom to swing back if the boom contacts the ground. This allows the perfect spray pattern to continue even if a tractor wheel falls into a hole or rut.


DBL Boom 4


The standard Clean Sweep Spray Boom is 7ft long and can be adjusted out to 10ft, either manually or with an optional hydraulic cylinder kit. The double front mounted booms (similar to the booms shown in the pictures) are capable of spraying rows as narrow as 14ft out to 20ft. We also have options for very narrow and very wide rows, just let us know. The double booms shown in these pictures will spray from 10 FT out to 14 FT.


Optional Equipment

  • Side Mounting Plate
  • Front Mounting Plate
  • Boom Extension
  • Hydraulic Extend Cylinder
  • Front Mount with Extension Tubes (for greater row width adjustment)



Boom Up 6


The boom is raised and lowered hydraulically, allowing the operator to keep a constant boom height even on hilly terrain. This also allows the boom to stand straight up for transporting or to get around obstacles, without getting off the tractor.




With this boom the operator can spray anytime with no interference from tall weeds, low branches or strong winds, this makes it possible to spray when you have the time. These many advantages make the clean sweep spray boom the most advanced spray boom on the market today.



Mid-Mounted Clean Sweep Spray Boom


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