Mini Shuttle

Self Propelled Mini Shuttle

Mini Shuttle 2


The MINI SHUTTLE has been designed to accommodate picking in narrow row spacings without damaging fruit on the trees or in the bin.

With the MINI SHUTTLE, pickers can move their own bin when needed, take it to a loading area when it is full and pick up empty bins without waiting for a tractor driver.

This safe and efficient method of moving bins in and out of orchard rows is very cost effective by eliminating expensive tractors and drivers. The cushioned ride reduces the bruising caused by handeling full bins with tractors and lifts.


•     8 HP Honda Engine     
•     Hydraulic Drive    
•     Twist handle controls stop when released
•     Able to turn around in the width of a row.      
•     Tach and Hour Meter    
•     3 To 5 Miles per hour     
•     Mounted hitch for towing


Towable Mini Shuttle

Towable Mini Shuttle

•    12 Volt hydraulic system hooks directly to a vehicle battery.
•    Up-Down Push Button Control
•    Variable speed drop control
•    Hydraulic cushion for a smooth ride at travel speeds
•    Ball hitch eliminates jerking
•    Able to attach to the front or rear of a vehicle

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