Foot pedal steering as well as a steering wheel now standard.



A 60 HP Kubota turbo diesel and triple hydraulic pumps provide abundant hydraulic power.

SP 11


SP 12

Hydraulic planetary drives on all four wheels, driven by a hydrostat, provide traction in snow or mud.


SP 14

Individually operated hydraulic platforms raise 6 ft vertically.
The overall width is 68 inches from outside of platform to outside of platform in the
retracted position. When both platforms are fully extended, the maximum width is 128 inches.


SP 7

Additional remotes allow hydraulic pruning guns and saws etc. to be used
on both sides of the machine.


SP 3

Each platform can independently operate up, down, in and out. A separate valve on
each platform allows the use of hydraulic tools. Redundant foot pedal controls keep
hands free for working.


SP 16

Optional fender kit prevents damage to low hanging fruit and limbs.

The machine can be driven and steered from any platform position.

The approximate turning radius is 8' inside of the wheels, about 10' 9" to the machine centerline.


Platform can tilt 10 degrees side to side for operation on side hills.




Hydrostatic drives allow the platform to creep while working in the orchards and travel at higher speeds between blocks. A tow bar allows the unit to be towed from farm to farm with a pickup or tractor.


SP 4

Optional rear stationary platforms allow two people to prune at lower levels
while operators on the forward hydraulic platforms prune upper portions of the tree.


SP 15

Optional (Hydraulically Driven) air compressor increases the versatility of this unit.


SP 5

A second platform trailer can be towed behind and use the extra hydraulic remotes.


Video of an optional V-Plow, snow pusher installed on the Brownie Quad.

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