Tree Planter

Mechanical Tree Planter for Orchards and Nurseries

"The Tough Planter with All the Extra Features"


> Heavy duty construction for tough / stony ground conditions

> Quick detach shoe to allow for use of sub-soiler for ripping or marking

> Shoe swings for easier and straighter pulling

> Tree racks are open for better visibility and fold up for easy storage

> Seat and foot supports adjustable for more comfort

> Wheel supports adjustable for tree depth

> Spindles also adjust to accommodate 26" diameter disc

Optional Equipment

> Coulter available for planting in sod and grassy conditions

> Distance and row marker system

> Stand for moving and storage of planter

> Electronic (in-row) tree to tree spacer with automatic hydraulic trap door

Click here to see pictures and a video of the Electronic Tree Spacer

> Click here to see our Nursery Planter


The size of tractor required to pull this planter mostly depends on the soil condition and traction. We generally recommend an 80 to 100 horsepower, 4X4 tractor. Power is usually not as big of an issue as traction is.


Tree Planter Markers

Optional Double Marker System Shown

Tree Planter Marker 3

Optional Double Marker System Shown

DBL Planter 1

DBL Planter 3

Double Row Planters are becoming more popular

4-Row Tree Planter. Click here to see more pictures.

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