Ground Hog


The GROUND HOG, using hydraulically driven rubber pads to prevent damage to tree bark, sweeps brush and debris from the tree row, into the windrow to be chopped or pushed. This also has proven to be very beneficial in cleaning ground, prior to herbicide application for better weed control.


Ground Hog 2

The GROUND HOG'S adjustable arm floats on a disc under the sweeper following the contour of the ground, and can clean over 5 acres per hour. An optional lift cylinder raises the disc off the ground for transporting between blocks.

The GROUND HOG mounts on the front or 3-pt. of your tractor, and uses existing tractor hydraulics to turn the spinner. This unit, when mounted on the front, sweeps the ground ahead of the tractor so brush and debris can be disposed of at the same time by a trailing chopper.




DBL Ground Hog

Double arm GROUND HOG also available. 
Fully adjustable for any row width.


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