Tree Planter

Mechanical Tree Planter for Orchards and Nurseries

"The Tough Planter with All the Extra Features"


> Heavy duty construction for tough / stony ground conditions

> Quick detach shoe to allow for use of sub-soiler for ripping or marking

> Shoe swings for easier and straighter pulling

> Tree racks are open for better visibility and fold up for easy storage

> Seat and foot supports adjustable for more comfort

> Wheel supports adjustable for tree depth

> Spindles also adjust to accommodate 26" diameter disc

Optional Equipment

> Coulter available for planting in sod and grassy conditions

> Distance and row marker system

> Stand for moving and storage of planter

> Electronic (in-row) tree to tree spacer with automatic hydraulic trap door

Click here to see pictures and a video of the Electronic Tree Spacer


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Tree Planter Markers

Optional Double Marker System Shown

Tree Planter Marker 3

Optional Double Marker System Shown

DBL Planter 1

DBL Planter 3

Double Row Planters are becoming more popular

4-Row Tree Planter. Click here to see more pictures.


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