Eliminate Tunneling Mice with this Tunnel Bait Applicator



This new tool has been designed to combat vole and field mouse damage by destroying existing runways and forming a new runway tunnel just below ground level, at the same time depositing a metered amount of bait in the tunnel. By placing the bait directly into the runway tunnel, it is much more accessible to the mice, but not to birds and other desirable animals. This also prolongs the effective life of the material in wet and snowy conditions.





•    A coulter opens the ground to accept the bait applicator. This enables a faster ground speed, even in rough terrain and poor ground conditions.
•    A hydraulic powered auger allows consistent metering of bait material and is easily adjustable for the desired rate.
•    A large hopper holds enough bait material for several acres.
•    A trailing closure wheel packs the soil, leaving a smooth, pre-formed tunnel for easy rodent travel and baiting.
•    Width adjustments are made hydraulically from the tractor for traveling to and from the orchard as well as different row spacing’s.
•    Gauge wheels level the machine and maintain a consistent tunnel depth.
•    Attaches to any standard 3 point hitch and hydraulic system






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