Freight Mate 7


Freight Mate 8


The Freight-Mate is designed to load and unload racks or pallets weighing up to 2500 pounds, from truck bed to ground level with the push of a button. This uniquely designed lift has forks, which fold up allowing room to load and unload trucks with forklift or racks from a standard truck dock.


•    Can be installed or removed in minutes.
•    Self contained hydraulic system.
•    Push button control for lift and swing.
•    Requires less maintenance.
•    Not exposed to elements of the road.
•    Uses only the space of one pallet.
•    Can be used with swing or overhead doors.
•    Adjustable forks.
•    Gas powered or 12 volt hydraulic system.

With the new Freight-Mate anyone can have the time and money-saving advantage of a hydraulic lift, even with short-term leased trucks.

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